Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Google Sponsors Free Android Wi-Fi Via Boingo Wireless

Users of Android devices and Chrome OS, Linux, OS X, or Windows laptops will be able to access the Internet for free over Wi-Fi at over 4,000 locations. Those who do so will see a Google Play landing page in their browser when they log on, asking whether they would like to explore Google Play content. 

Users of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are not included by the sponsorship deal because they cannot use Google Play.  

"Google Play is an Android content platform, and this Wi-Fi sponsorship is focused on reaching Android tablet and phone users as well as laptop users who might also own an Android device," a spokeswoman for Boingo Wireless explained in an email.

This may mean that iOS device users will have to pay for access to Boingo's network while Android users surf for free, but not necessarily. Boingo hotspots may have multiple sponsors at a given location, so iOS device users may enjoy free network access on another sponsor's dime.